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Managed WordPress

WordPress Optimization, Security & Monitoring

If your website is mission critical, this is what you’ve been missing!

Managed WordPress Addon

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If your website is mission critical, this is what you’ve been missing!
WordPress Optimization, Security and Monitoring
24/7 WordPress Support

wordpress maintenance


Compatibility & Speed Testing
WordPress Core Updates
WordPress Theme Updates
WordPress Plugin Updates
Monthly Website Performance Audit
Speed and Performance Enhancements
Image Optimization

wordpress security


Bruteforce Protection
Scans for the HeartBleed 
Malicious network blocking
Continuously malware scans
Password Security Hardening
DNS Monitoring
Web Application Firewall
Realtime Hacker Blocking

wordpress hardening


McAfee Security Seal
Country Blocking
Check if Site IP is Generating Spam
Check if Site is Spamvertized
Remote Scans
Audit Existing Passwords
Advanced Comment Spam Filter
Real-Time Threat Defense Feed

WordPress Hosting Canada

Managed WordPress

Tired of managing all the backend aspects of your WordPress website? Let us handle the technical aspects of your environment with our Managed WordPress. We assure your WP software, plugins and theme are always up to date. Continual speed monitoring to assure site running optimally.

It may be the most important decision you make regarding your WordPress site: which hosting company should I entrust with my site? Introducing HostUtopia’s exclusive WordPress Hosting environment. We build and configure our WordPress servers to optimize speed and delivery of your content.

Common WordPress Questions

What you need to know about WordPress that makes it work for you.

Why WordPress?

WordPress allows you to manage all of the content on your website from one place. It also has a wealth of themes, add-ons, and plugins that are easily installed as you are building your website giving you nearly limitless options on customization.

How do I install WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes are easy to install. Simply preview the theme you wish to install in the WordPress Theme selector in your WordPress Admin. The theme will be automatically installed and ready to use.

How do I install WordPress?

Our Optimized WordPress web Hosting Platform allows you to install WordPress with one click. You will find the option to install WordPress in your cPanel control panel.

How do I install WordPress Plugins?

The WordPress repository is loaded with feature plugins to enhance your website experience. Easily install and activate any plugin with just one click in your WordPress Admin, it’s that easy.