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Restore any file from up to 45 days ago!

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Web Hosting Offsite Backups

Idera_tagWe now store 45 BACKUPS of ALL Your Data OFFSITE for the BEST Data Protection in the industry!

Roll back to any of the past 45 days for a complete restore of your site, or just one file. Easily access your Idera Backups from your Control.

Raided Hard DrivesInternal Server Backup:

  • Each Smart Server in our network has Raided Hard Drives, this means that there are two (or more) hard drives in each machine; information on the server is written to multiple hard drives instantaneously. This technology results in the initial protection of your data in the event of a hard drive failure.

Web Hosting Offsite BackupsWeb Hosting Offsite Backups Network:

  • TWICE DAILY your data is replicated to an web hosting OFFSITE BACKUPS SYSTEM powered by Idera. Idera is the leader in data center replication and data retrieval. The off site storage network stores retrieval points for the past 45 days of all our network data. Via the Idera Icon in your cPanel Control Panel you can retrieve any file, directory, or your entire website, from any of the 90 Data Recovery Points.

Long Term Data ProtectionLong Term Data Protection:

  • Ever want a backup from Last Month, or Last Year? HostUtopia will store far beyond 45 Days. Most hosting providers store NO backups, or at most maybe 2 days. HostUtopia stores a standard 45 days and an option to store far beyond that. In your cPanel Control Panel click on the Automated Backups Icon to set further backup options where you can take a snapshot of all your data every month automatically. Contact our Support Staff for assistance setting up your long term backup schedule.

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