How careful are you with your spending?
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If you’ve shopped online, chances are you’ve spent money with Amazon. Perhaps you’ve also shopped at the websites of the national stores you see locally. And possibly, you’ve shopped, or thought about shopping, at a smaller, more specialized website, with or without a brick and mortar location.

SEO SpendingBefore you enter your credit card number, you need to feel comfortable. Sales are lost every day when a consumer has second thoughts about the security of a transaction.

So if you’re selling online, you’re likely competing with brands that are more famous, and more trusted. How can you vie for your piece of the spending?

First, make sure you’re trustworthy!

  • Is your online store PCI compliant? (Has it passed the rigorous tests set up by credit card companies for security?) Many ecommerce programs don’t pass the test. And they’re still out there! If you’re not sure, give us a call and we can check with you.

Second, make sure you appear trustworthy!

  • Have a professionally designed, easy to navigate site. Include your physical location, a phone number to reach a real person, and perhaps pictures of your location. Go a step further and include profiles of yourself and your staff.  Reassure customers that real people are serving their needs at a legitimate operation.

Finally, make it easy for us to give you money!

  • Is your shopping cart system easy to navigate? Really? We’ve personally had shopping experiences where we got our choices into the cart and then couldn’t figure out how to check out. Shoppers lack patience. Make it super easy to give you money. Because if you can’t make the buying experience easy, customers will start to doubt that they want to work with you at all. And give us a giant BUY NOW button!

Are you sure your ecommerce is up to the job?
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