Writing for Search Engines – Content is King!
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Writing For Search EnginesTake a moment to think about the text on your website….

Does it convey what you want it to?


Does it attract the attention of search engines?


Although there are differing thoughts on SEO strategies, a comprehensive strategy contains numerous essential components; all of which need attention. This week we’d like to focus on site content, specifically text phrasing.

Site text should be designed with two important considerations in mind. First, your visitors must be drawn in by the information presented and second, the search engine algorithms must be able to identify with the site’s keywords and text structure.

The phrasing of text on a website can be just as important as the content itself. Drafting the right balance of content which gives your visitors the information they need and also contains the phrases and keywords that attract search engines is crucial. The following tips should help increase your site’s traffic:

  • writing for websitesStay Relevant.  Keep the content of your text on subject. Ask simple questions about your content like “What value does this sentence add” and “How can I make the point more clearly”. The answers just may lead you to fine adjustments, improving your site’s overall efficiency.
  • Repeat, Rinse, Repeat. Use your keywords often, but avoid being overtly redundant. Attempt to use subsequent instances of the same keyword without the glaring appearance of overuse. If a viewer can tell what your keywords are just by glancing at a single page, you’ve probably overdone it.
  • Summarize at the beginning. A conclusion is designed to give the reader a final, targeted takeaway from an article. However, crafting your text to provide as much focus on your keywords at the very beginning will not only entice your readers to continue on, but will help catch the attention of search engines.
  • Proof read and then proof read again. If your keywords are misspelled, you’re missing an opportunity. Any spelling or grammar errors also make your site seen less than professional.
  • Solicit objectivity. Enlist the opinion of family and friends. We tend to get “reader’s haze” after staring at our own work over and over. Unbiased feedback from a fresh set of eyes can really help.

SEO is one of the most important tools for getting your website noticed, but never sacrifice good writing for SEO. Applying these simple tips to your individual writing style can help give your site a bit of an edge, and can go a long way in letting the world know you are open for business!

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