How dirty is your house?
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Chances are, you’ve taken some time for spring cleaning recently, as the weather has warmed and the summer looms. It feels good to have things in order and refreshed before summer visitors arrive.

dirtyhouseHave you given the same attention to your website?

If you’re pressed for time, here’s a quick spring cleaning check list. Make these your priorities.

  • SEO (search engine optimization): Search for your company on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search your industry, and then terms that potential customers might use. Do you show up on the first page?
  • Visit your site and make sure info is up to date. Add some fresh, seasonal content, and eliminate your Christmas specials. Changing content improves your Google search ranking and enhances your customer’s experience.
  • Have a friend or family member go to every page on your site. This should be someone who doesn’t usually visit the site. Ask them to find problems, or confusing spots. (Offer a teenager $1/problem they find!)
  • Check for broken links. Double-check with this tool: SEO Dead Link Checker
  • Load times: Website visitors are notoriously impatient. You might be looking at your site on a fast connection with the optimal browser. Check out this tool to see how others experience your site:
  • Do you sell online? Check the functionality of your online store.
  • Visit your competitors’ sites. What are they doing better than you?  Do they look better than you?

Make a note to check up on your site monthly. If you find yourself overwhelmed, or frustrated with your current site, it may be time to look at a site redesign.

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